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1973 - I grew up in Colorado and had plenty of ground to ride. I actually began on a motorcycle before I had even ridden a bike. My dad bought me some sort of motorcycle when I was 4 and the brakes never did work right on that darn thing. It had a shiny chrome tank which said "Street Rod" on it and I think the motor was a Briggs & Stratton.

1975 - I finally got my 1st BMX bike. It was a black Huffy Wild Fire with number plate bolted in the middle of the frame. At this point in time didn't know a whole lot about jumping but we still had a ramp with cinder blocks set up on the sidewalk. It sure hurt like hell when we crashed.

1979 - Rolls around and I get an absolutely stunning candy red Team Murray with moto-mags for Christmas. This thing was sweet compared to my Huffy. Six months into this love for the bike and bigger jumps, I break the frame so I switch back to riding my motorcycle until my neighbor could weld the bike back together. I must have broken this bike 3-4 times.

1983 - Rolls around and a few of my buddy's are racing in the ABA and I want to race with a passion but my parents are forbidding it as it's too dangerous. OK dad who puts me on a motorcycle at the age of 4 - So I stay the night at my buddy’s house and he is heading to an out of town race in Pueblo. I packed up my Team Murray, all of my Yamaha gear, and headed to Pete's house. I was nervous as heck and everyone was laughing at my bike and riding gear. This was their 1st and last laugh. I smoked their asses and took 1st place!! I came home the next morning and told my parents what had happened and showed them my trophy; my dad stood up and says it about time we get you a new bike. That day he bought me a used 1982 Mongoose Supergoose we found in the classifieds. From then on we were racing 3-4 times a week. Dad would show up from work and change his clothes, mom would hand him a sandwich, and out the door we went.

Throughout 1983 -1984 I raced for many local bike shops until I picked up a factory sponsor.
1983 - I raced for Criterium Bike Shop out of Colorado Springs, CO

1984 - I raced for Tour De France Schwinn out of Colorado Springs, CO. I was ranked #68 in the state of Colorado.

1985 - Team Schwinn picks me up and I am given a Schwinn Predator Black Shadow. This year I earn ABA #3 of Colorado and ranked in the top 100 nationally. I raced for them only about 3 months.

1986 - Titan picks me up and I race for them until I retire in 1987. This year I am ranked Colorado USBA #1 and ABA #1 and #3 Nationally.

1987 - I hang up the bike and retire from racing as girls, cars, and school sports (Football, Baseball, Wrestling) have become more important.

1999 - I dust off the Titan and start racing with my 3 and 4 year old sons. We raced for about 2.5 years until I separated my shoulder and broke a few ribs trying to compete in the Pro class. It was so funny to bring my Titan to the track as nobody knew what the heck it was. I happened to be racing Darrell Young this evening, and damn he was fast.

2001 - Retired completely from BMX

2007 - I am surfing the web and BINGO - There is the BMX Museum. Once I found this site there was no turning back.

2008 - Launched a new website www.ttbmx.com . Closed the site down in May 2011 as I was getting really sick.

2012 - Diagnosed with cancer and a brain tumor and have been battling the disease ever since.

2014 - Diagnosed with a brain tumor and had it removed.

2017 - Had 8" of my colon removed due to chemotherapy damage.


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