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I am rebuilding a 1983 GT BMX Pro, right now. Chrome was too far gone, so I had it powder coated.
It may not look as nice as chrome, but I couldn't afford to rechrome it.
Can't wait to get it back together!
I grew up in Orange and Riverside and never had the awesome bikes my friends rode.
I was an Orange County Register paperboy in Mission Viejo with a huffy avalanche mtb.
I had my cousin Rod's hand-me-down Schwinn I rode in Garden Grove and later in Riverside.
I got this 1983 GT BMX Pro as a kid visiting my dad in Pennsylvania. I helped him put up hay for a guy who had race horses. He was a friend of my dad's, and he gave me one of his kids' old race bikes as payment for helping out, the summer of 1988 I believe.
I just found it in the barn a few months ago. That, and my 6 year-old daughter's interest in learning to ride a bike, has got me much more interested in bmx in the past couple months.
Last month I bought 2 OG dirt riders. A 1986 Murray X16 that I restored for my daughter for BMXmas, and a 1982 Murray X24 that I am still putting together for my self.
I told my wife I was funding this stuff by selling an old 1976 Sims Woodkick that I had in the barn for decades. But after I posted the board online I ended up trading it for a 2010 Fit Bike Co CR24.
My wife is worried about me!!! big_smile lol -- Jan., 9, 2021


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