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Getting back into cruisers as I come up on the big five 0.

I rode a lot in the 80's in the chicago area.
Mid/back of the pack. but I tired.

I had a Diamond Back and then traded for a GJS.
I remember doing the frame swap in the living room of the kid I had made the trade with, must have been just before high school.

Grew up in Chicago area.
Went to School at UMass.
Lived in the Boston area most of my adult life.
Moved to Ireland for work for 3 years.
Now in So Cal since '10

I have a 3yr old with second wifey,
trying to stay active and be ready for him to ride.

Employed as a BioTech Engineer in the industry 25+ yrs.

Ohter interests are race cars, not nascar.
Going to races,
I also have a very large model kit collection and try and build as much as I can.

No Facebook, no twiting,
I let the wifey do the facebook for the family.


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