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What year did 1st gen come out?

Yeah what year did they come out?

How come some gt first gen have six blue stripes and some 4, it looks like the 84 cataloque shows 6 stripes , anyone got the beta ?

As far as I know these are indeed 2nd gen because the 1st gen are a bit different. There’s a GT ad from December 83 if I remember correctly first announcing them.

Check this post:

Internally these (at least to me) “real” 1st gen hubs featured a regular axle running inside a tube/separator, the collars were a bit thinner and the allen bolt was a different/smaller size. I replaced these parts with Porkchop ones but I don’t rule out restoring the originals and putting them in again. The main differences aesthetically are that the front hub has a rounder edge around the bearing clearly different from the 2nd gen which is flatter and smaller. The rear hub is even more noticeable different. The flange is smaller. Generally speaking the 2nd gen got more squary than these. Believe me, I have both and they’re very different. Then 3rd gen were launched I believe in 1989.