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image #11 & #12 are the only pics I've run across of the MAX-FLO  :cool:

The last two in the first pic are either incorrect, or the individual examples under Tange forks of the 1200 amd 500 are incorrect.  One of you mods want to get this straitened out please?

Edit to above comment:  the fork labeled YX-500 is PARTIALLY CORRECT-it is more specifically a TX-500c.  There are three versions of the TX-500 (a,b & c).  Why my commemt above is incorrect.  More to add later I am most certain.  :D

I have a set of forks that are identical to the last 2 images.  What type of tange forks are they, what would they typically be on. They came on a 76 mongoose I purchased.  Any help would be appreciated