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Any chance of putting the years that these rims were available ?? It would help when building our bikes. Thanks !! DW

or the models

Worthless. sad
What happen to the forum version of the reference area?
I'm lookin for info on the araya rm-20 hard ano wheels

not helpful to have just a bunch of random pictures and call it a reference neutral

Forum version would be great if all Reference threads would be moderated to keep only relevant posts & delete non-informative posts.

Lots of valid gripes about zero info in the reference section   sad

Bummer, the reference section used to kick a$$ before the change  hmm

I'd like a useful reference section. Maybe where all Arayas rims are compared citing the differences between models and maybe the years each of the models were current. This reference section is a piece of shit roll

Epic Fal

yes butits more than the other boneheads

Yes, yes yes,.... is the name of the site not bMXmuseum? I don't walked in to any museums or they don't have some information on the displays that they put. Not to mention the fact that they archive everything in great detail that's not on display, for preservation and reference purposes. Preservation and reference is exactly what I thought this I originally was intended to be designed for. This entire reference section needs to have reference information with a capital R E F E R E N C E.

This is just one item / subject of what appears to be all of them, which lack any pertinent relevant useful information outside of pictures, which can simply be found with a google image search for this stuff!
I'm glad I am NOT the only one who has commented on this point. Please take this in the spirit of a suggestion and not a criticism. We really need archival type reference material if a museum this site is to be.

but the free museum decals are greaaaaat!

Here is a timeline and model link that should help.  http://www.araya-kk....rim/archive.htm

Came here for info on the different model araya rims made but nothing



A bit harsh, but agree, we need to date stuff in the reference.