Become a Pro Member

To better serve the community, we have developed a custom BMX classified section, which you can fully participate in for $25.00/year

Pro Membership includes:

  • Ability to post in custom For Sale classifieds
  • Access to Swap Meet, Want To Buy, Pay It Forward and Pro Member Only forums
  • Live chat
  • Larger signature 
  • Larger PM inbox 
  • Forum image uploads hosted by BMXmuseum
  • Images in your signature
  • Bigger avatar
  • Paid site supporter badge
  • Ability to edit/update forum posts
  • Search Sold Items in Swap Meet and For Sale
  • Random perks like BMXMuseum sticker packs

Your support also goes towards the development of new features, as well as upkeep on the server to keep the site fast & bug-free. 

Thanks in advance for your support! GAry

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