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2018 S&M A.T.F.

#1 2022-03-18 11:28am

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2018 S&M A.T.F.

2018 S&M A.T.F.

Custom Flat/Street Hybrid

I built this bike using a mix of new, used and existing parts to be a flat/street hybrid. I picked up an S&M ATF frame with a 20” TT from eBay. The minimal offset fork, short stem, Intrikat bars, freecoaster and a front brake are the parts that were on my list of “must haves”.  Two modifications I made were: grinding the bottom of the fork steerer tube for 2.1” tire clearance and I deepened the rear dropouts for a 13.25” chainstay length.  I think this bike turned out well as it performs nicely with my riding preferences.  However, I’m now on the hunt for a different frame with slightly more aggressive geometry! UPDATE: I swapped the frame to a Sunday 19.75” Park Ranger. The rear end is a little shorter and the top tube is lower.  I highly recommend this new frame!

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