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1991 Diamond Back Tailwhip

#1 2021-03-08 7:30am

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1991 Diamond Back Tailwhip

1991 Diamond Back Tailwhip

Got a frame then got the forks that were close to the right ones started piecing something together and this is where it's at

Saw this bike listed for sale a buddy of mine had listed for quite a while didn't see anyone buying it so I decided to buy just the raw frame itself and I happened to have some 91 Diamondback Forks not the drilled out correct ones but they were Diamondback so I figured they would work for now order the decal kit just happen to have some of the light blue Peregrine Masters switched up the game a little and used a coaster brake and slowly but surely after powder coating a few parts and just installing them as I received the parts randomly this is the bike that came to be custom decals on the Peregrine levers and calipers changed it up a little bit hope you like my custom build

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Re: 1991 Diamond Back Tailwhip

Instant fave !!!



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