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1983 GT Pro

#1 2014-04-11 6:27am

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1983 GT Pro

1983 GT Pro

I raced one of these back in the day. GT Wings all the way

I love the GT Pro, such a beautiful fast frame set. Back in the day I raced one for a while before moving to a DB Formula 1. This build was to be simple with black to complement the beautiful GT chrome frame set

1983 GT Pro Nora Cup - GT Wings all the way

Frame: 1983 GT Pro Nora Cup original chrome and stickers
Fork: 1983 GT Pro Nora Cup original chrome and stickers
Stem: Tufneck with gold logo
Headset: 1st Generation Epoch GT
Bars: Gt Pro original chrome
Grips: GT logo grips with wings
Seat Post: GT Stamped
Seat Clamp: GT Wings Stamped and polished
Seat: Kashimax Aero
Cranks: GT Racing Stamped polished
Disc: Tufneck Power Disc
Sprocket: GT Wings Polished
Pedals: Mint Suntour XC2
Hubs: Early GT
Rims: UKAI shiny side
Tyres: Comp 3 Fat Skinny
Rear Brake: Dia-Compe MX1000 dated 83
Pads: GT Repop
GIRL in last PIC: Young hottie doing morning laps at the track who loved my GT and old school BMXers

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#2 2014-04-11 7:22am

Burning River
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Re: 1983 GT Pro

Beautiful . :cool:

There are no free rides here. Everyone puts in work, whether cliqued up or not. I'm not talking about helping us with our computer skills. You'll get your f*cking hands dirty like the rest of us.



#3 2014-04-11 12:53pm

sloppy headset
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Re: 1983 GT Pro

Your first photo, of the long straight with jumps into the distance, really caught my eye. Beautiful shots, great scoot. :cool::cool:

43! Ahahahahahaha... 43.

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