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2009 SE Racing Quadangle 24

#1 2009-04-24 7:57pm

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2009 SE Racing Quadangle 24

2009 SE Racing Quadangle 24


Bought it to get back into racing. Love it so far but changing a few things here and there. Always wanted a quad as a kid!

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#2 2009-04-24 11:08pm

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Re: 2009 SE Racing Quadangle 24

Nice Quad i love these , actually theres one at my LBS but have to hold off for a 29er

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#3 2009-04-25 7:47am

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Re: 2009 SE Racing Quadangle 24

Gotta love those 24" Quads.:)

Do you still have the white pads and OG bars from the bike? Interested in selling them? LMK.

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