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2021 Haro Sport

#1 2022-05-31 9:22am

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2021 Haro Sport

2021 Haro Sport

The Sport rises again.

I had a 2017 Sport that was my ATF. When it was stolen, I replaced it with a Bashguard Sport but always missed the 80's look, new school spec'd Sport.
I grabbed this beautiful 20.5tt Sport frame (in the 88 non-team color scheme) and started building for the Real Rider's 2022 Build off.It's a mix of new school/retro and MS parts. Frame: Haro Lineage Sport 2021  20.5 TTFork: Haro Enarson V2, 32mm offsetWheels: Haro Large Flange, 36 H Double Wall Rims 9tTires: Odyssey Path 2.4Cranks: Haro Group 1 165mmSprocket: Lineage 25 BashguardPedals: Berm USA 9/16 Stem/headset: Premium ProductsBars: 98 HAro Kneesaver 2'sLever: Diatech GoldfingerBrake: Diatech HombreChain: OdysseySeat/Post/Clamp: FusionEdit 9.2.22: Rode this thing all summer, splitting time between this and the Airmaster. Despite taking a beating it's a great bike.A little heavier then my 2017 Sport due to the Kneesaver 2's vs. the copies on the original, but definitely as comfortable and familiar. Caught some nice air for the Real Rider thread. Another fave and I'm glad I snagged one. It's built to fly.

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Elect clowns, expect circus...

If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles an hour, you're gonna see some serious shit.



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