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2004 Haro Mirra Pro

#1 2022-01-09 10:14am

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2004 Haro Mirra Pro

2004 Haro Mirra Pro

The final double wishbone Mirra Super Street Revision, my way.

This build turned out a lot better than I expected!!I grew up in the 80's but was really jumping and riding park hard in the 90's.
I took a break from riding in 94 until about 96. In that time bikes changed and the Tank era began.When I got my first Blammo(97), I was very surprised by the weight but thought, gotta be heavy to be strong. My favorite tank was a 1999 Blammo, clocking in at about 40 lbs.By 2007, NS was under way, every bike looked the same and I wanteda tank.  But a lighter tank, which led me to this bike in 07. stripped down, double wish bone Blammo w/a Euro-bracketand smaller, but still oversized tubing.  I bought it complete, in the box 15 years ago and hung on to it while I decided whether to sell or customize.The answer, customize of course!The bike was kind of a hodgepodge of parts from the factory: a slimmed down, but still 6 pound, blammo frame and fork paired with lightweight Premium products accessories (cranks, pedals,) 48 spoke 14mm sun rims...the bike was still a bit heavy despite Premium bolt on's to acknowledge the new school weight weenie race. It had a weird Haro stem and Haro slam knock off bars, switched those out to a Premium sub ten stemand a set of HAro Mirra Pro bars. The original 48's went south, the chrome flaking badly. I was able to score these DK/Sun wheels which are a cool nod to the late  mid school weight loss ideas. These wheels feature heavy 14mm axles, but have the thinnner 36 H rhyno lite rim up front and a 48 spoke, wider Sun King Pin rim in the rear. A killer little custom addition to this Street Series Mirra (lol). The Premium cranks are excellent and I switched to the 39T Nuke Ring for that Xgames style. Added the Odyssey Path Tires 2.4 and this bike is done. I'll update this bike when the weather gets nicer and I can really jump it. The geometry feels like an old baseball glove, very familiar and easy. And the weight, totally manageable.  Can't wait to get some airtime and see how it flies. EDIT: Had a good session at the Skatepark the last week of January '22and switched out the stem from a front loader to a top loader. Rides much better already!

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Elect clowns, expect circus...

If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles an hour, you're gonna see some serious shit.



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