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1990 Randor 7 Up

#1 2021-12-30 2:22am

Fontino Salami
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1990 Randor 7 Up

1990 Randor 7 Up

90s 7up promotional bicycle

Not a whole lot of information or special parts. Everything on it was no-name knockoff stuff but I still love it. I have the original wheels in my storage locker but they're old steel junkers so I slapped some early 90s femco 20 x 1.5's laced to looseball assess hubs with some new cheapo tires. I am missing the original seat and pads so if anyone who sees this and happens to have them you know who to call. I swapped out the short 140mm crank that was on it for a 165mm. Original brakes work fine as do the bottom bracket and headset bearings. Stem is in good shape and holds the bars well enough. Overall the bike is in excellent condition, even the Spot decal on the chain guard is clean with no cracks, tears or peeling. Found in a second hand/antique shop out in Louisville, Tennessee for $15. Not for sale

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