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1999 Haro Mirra 540 Air

#1 2021-12-05 2:58pm

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1999 Haro Mirra 540 Air

1999 Haro Mirra 540 Air

My first BMX bike in 40 plus years ,  CL find and needing to be saved. My introduction to Mid School Tanky goodness.

* Decals- Original
* Haro Straight Shooter Chromoly 14mm drop outs,single brake mount forks. - OG
* SST Oryg detangler, SST Oryg  rear brake cables , Haro logo chevron front brake cable - OG
* Dia-Compe Bulldog front , Tektro 909A rear brakes -OG
* Haro 3 Piece 175mm 8 spline Cromo Tubular cranks - Survivor
* Fusion sealed 24TPI Loose Ball , Haro 8 spline 19mm spindle -OG
* 44 tooth Haro steel chain ring -OG
* Fusion DX style platform, aluminum LU-313 -OG
* 17 tooth Dicta Main drive-new
* Chain - Izumi 410 JB-S  -new               
* Seatpost- Fusion 25.4 Lay Back micro adjust -Survivor       
* Seat- New Mirra Tribute , original pro seat on my dresser being saved, fragile.                          
* Handlebars- Haro Kneesaver Chevron Stamped-OG
* Grips- Haro Chevron survivors
* Handlebar Stem- Fusion Top Load-OG
* Headset- 1 1/8" threadless Aheadset SB-1  looseball-OG
* Rims-  Araya 707X, 36-hole  20" -OG
* Hubs - Haro Fat Hubs 13mm looseball-OG
* Tires- Haro Multisurface 4 and tubes- new
* Brake pads front and rear - New correct matching
* Tek Tro 319A BMX  Levers -New
This the bike that really reignited my childhood memories of BMX ,  I grew up with old school BMX , but any BMX bike makes me feel good :)  My first Mid School bike.I was looking for a coffee table on CL and found this Haro , Chrome and screaming my name!Wife thought I was crazy ... lol It was in storage 100 yards off the beach in a laundry room for a good 10 years .The OG grips chewed up by rats, rotten Cheng Shin tires , filthy and rusty and missing one front peg, washer and axle nut. I put a lot of labor , love and research into this bike, it is not perfect but I love it and will never get rid of it.  It rides amazing compared to the old school stuff I rode as a kid.I am really enjoying Mid School tanks and everything and everybody I have learned and met here.Here is my very first post and it's a groaner :) Thank you for this place Gary and everybody here .In honor and memory of Dave Mirra , Rest in Peace.This bike will be part of a traveling display to help spread the word of our organization that helps neglected, abused, and forgotten children .

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Re: 1999 Haro Mirra 540 Air



Searching for: OG Blue 2nd Gen. Tioga Airstep handlebars/Front Haro Ground Round pegs/Rear ACS Z-Mag 6 spoke/Haro Mirra Pro sparkle seats/Pr1mo Hemorrhoid seats/Freecoaster wheels/Flatland stuff/Someone who can weld the seat mast on my Hustler Pro :P - Trade me :)

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Re: 1999 Haro Mirra 540 Air


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Re: 1999 Haro Mirra 540 Air



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