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2006 Haro Nyquist Three

#1 2021-05-18 10:51am

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2006 Haro Nyquist Three

2006 Haro Nyquist Three

Haro goes on a diet.

2006 Haro Nyquist 3
F&F bought on Ebay Assembled in 08, reborn in 2021. Mostly new parts, grips, gears,wheels,seat,tiresThis thing rides nicely.  Gen. 1 Fly bars are very mid-school for sure!Fat tubes and gussets say "mid school" but the 26.5 pound weight and Euro  bracket say Dawn of The New School. Haro Sata Polished Wheelset looks great without the weight and the chrome flake!!

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Elect clowns, expect circus...

If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles an hour, you're gonna see some serious shit.



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