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2018 Haro Midway

#1 2021-05-14 9:21am

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2018 Haro Midway

2018 Haro Midway

The Brakeless Death Machine hath cometh.

I wanted a non-bashguard, new school street bike but didn't want to break the bank. Saw a chrome Haro frame on Ebay, the seller dropped the price further and I bought it.
I built it with the classic mid 90's vert bike look, including kneesaver 2's chain guard and big hub rims. But put all new school parts, otherwise.I rode it around for a while a had a pretty bad wreck, twisting the original Haro Mirra fork. Popped on the chrome, non-990 Lineage fork and the bike was complete. It's brakeless; the seller neglected to disclose rhe fact they had franked the bosses beyond repair, so this old dog is trying the new, brakeless tricks. Despite the wreck, the new forks are an upgrade and improved the ride. It was christened the BDM, or Brakeless Death Machine after ER trip #3 since it was built. Perhaps, this brakeless thing ain't for me... LOLEDIT: 3.28.22 Added Lineage Top load stem to add about an inch of ride height and changed up the decals. Getting ready to rock in the sunshine of Summer '22!!

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Elect clowns, expect circus...

If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles an hour, you're gonna see some serious shit.



#2 2021-08-12 9:31am

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Re: 2018 Haro Midway

Sweet bike! Love the all chrome and the kneesavers/big tires look.

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That's all I'll ever need. Thanks to everyone who helped make it more dialed!!!



#3 2022-11-20 6:07am

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Re: 2018 Haro Midway

sharp bike !

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