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2019 Legend Bike Co. Fiola Former Pro

#1 2021-05-02 11:35am

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2019 Legend Bike Co. Fiola Former Pro

2019 Legend Bike Co. Fiola Former Pro

Performer themed.

Had this frameset for some time. Tried various setups to find one that’s pleasing to my eye. A regular layback post was too far. A GT layback pivotal kept the seat pointing up. As efficient as the new school 25/9 gearing is, I still prefer the old school sprockets. For now, I’ve got a 36t Chainring and powerdisc (from 26” Performer). Front wheel is an Alex Supra-E Pro with Peregrine Phat Jack hub. Until I find a matching rear, I’m using a Weimann DM30 that has a flipflop hub with an Odyssey 13T FW.
Cranks: Stem: GT MalletLevers:Brakes: TektroSeatpost: Seat: Viscount 2123PowerDisc/Chainring: GT 26” Performer Tires: Panaracer HP406Pedals:

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