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1987 General Hustler Pro

#1 2019-09-14 9:14am

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1987 General Hustler Pro

1987 General Hustler Pro

1987 General Hustler RL Pro series complete survivor.  Bike looks to be an untouched survivor that's had very little use

1987 General hustler RL pro series beautiful untouched survivor with bike shop sticker, kickstand, reflectors.. bike looks like it has had very little use and been well taken care of/ stored correctly.. havent cleaned yet but the orignal paint and finish is very nice, has all the orignal correct components and is a very nice clean example of general hustler pro twin tube



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Re: 1987 General Hustler Pro

Great survivor.
These all original bike are my favorite thing on the museum. Super helpful for others to ID their bikes year/model etc.

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