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1999 Specialized Fatboy Hemi Comp 24

#1 2016-04-06 9:37pm

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1999 Specialized Fatboy Hemi Comp 24

1999 Specialized Fatboy Hemi Comp 24

The orang white and black sticker scheme  is one of the hardest bike to find this is the First one on the meuseum

This is my 1999 specialized hemi comp and it is in rider condition and I plan to leave it that way this is how it came from the factory excluding the sprocket and the seat I hope to find that on here and keep it 100% original I have owned many specialized Hemi's and S works this is the first one with an orange white and black sticker  scheme I will probably get my sticker guy to re pop them and have them available for other people here this type of site this is a monocle chassis and either you love it or you hated them. I love the style of bike and I think it's timeless I hope you guys enjoy it and know that she'll be a cruiser for many years to come

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I buy anything Haro monocoque or Specialized Hemi



#2 2016-04-07 3:45am

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Re: 1999 Specialized Fatboy Hemi Comp 24

Very nice - Downhill king !



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