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2003 Haro F2

#1 2014-03-18 10:19am

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2003 Haro F2

2003 Haro F2

First 20" Bike for youngest son

I picked this up for $50 from the Northside of Brisbane.  It was released over here as an F3 and looked as per the last image, just a bit weathered.  Upon some research on Haro serial numbers, the s/n matches an F2 number. 
Anyway, my youngest son was wanting a bike for his birthday and asked if I could build him one.  How could I resist.  He selected the colour and the decals, and I bought any necessary parts (bearings, cables and brake levers) to get this thing back into shape.  It has come up a treat.  Only thing is, he thinks it looks to good to ride everyday!  So I guess I'll have to build another as a rider.
Thanks for looking.



#2 2017-05-21 11:59am

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Re: 2003 Haro F2

Hi Mate, trying to help you with a correct post. Hope its cool.
First let me say your F-3 is one of my favorites. I love the turquoise with blue MIRRA decals and blacked out parts. Looks tough!
I have an 04 F-3 in olive drab green with avocado green/black decals and the decal set is different than yours.

Comparing, or taking into account all the charateristics of the parts and decals shown in the last image you posted, tells me you bike is not an 03..but rather a 05/06.
Starting with the frame style(same as my 04), this was introduced in 04 and continued to I beleive at least 07. NOT AVAILABLE IN 03(it was a different style frame in 03 and earlier).
The tires are MULTI SURFACE 4. Again, not introduced until 04.
The chainwheel was not introduced until 05 as it is the same as on the 05/06 HARO RETRO SPORT.
I am confident this is a model from after 04. DEFINITLY NOT an 03.
Hope this helps you. I just wish to have the most accurate info on here so others can learn correctly.
Cheers mate.

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