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1984 Haro FST

#1 2013-09-05 10:31pm

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1984 Haro FST

1984 Haro FST

Actual childhood bike / survivor

This is a friend of mine's actual childhood bike exactly as it was from when he was a kid.  Bought it with paper route money, and had it since.  He recently found it in the basement, covered in light mold with completely rotted tires.  I gave it a light cleaning, regrease, and put some new tires on it for him.  Still has color tape in areas that he "customized" when he was like 14.  Very cool that he still has his bike after all these years.  (first picture is after cleanup, second is before)

Parts list:
Haro seatTuf Neck Tiger stamped Ace stemGT un-knurled big barsGT layback postUkai rimsDia Compe brakesDia Compe hinge clamp
The rest stock parts I'm thinking.

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#2 2013-09-05 10:41pm

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Re: 1984 Haro FST

Killer survivor :)

How to post pictures in the forms

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#3 2013-09-06 12:39am

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Re: 1984 Haro FST

VERY  COOL .......................:cool::cool: Nice to see another 84 in the museum

Post her up in the Fst thread..........;)

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#4 2013-09-08 10:13am

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Re: 1984 Haro FST


WTB: * NOS Oakley F1 grips black/yellow * KKT FMX/LMX Pedals * Skyway Tuff Graphite pedals/cages * NOS Oakley 2 red right side only * NOS Oakley 1 red left side only * NOS chrome KKT FMX left side pedal 9/16



#5 2014-07-23 11:36pm

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Re: 1984 Haro FST

Cool survivor, love the tape :cool:

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