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1998 GT Pro Series

#1 2012-11-04 6:27pm

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1998 GT Pro Series

1998 GT Pro Series

Rolling Thunder, aka "Thundersmack"

This was the first 20" bike of my middle-aged BMX comeback.   I traded member Sekotd720 my ELF Cruiser for this and have been all about the class bikes ever since.  He did a great job with the build, although I later replaced the 48-spoke wheels with a much lighter 36-spoke set, and put on a straight post so I could slam the seat.  That didn't look right to me for the longest time, but it's pretty much a necessity on modern tracks.
I started my racing career on this bike ... at age 41.  I'll always remember and appreciate it for that.
It's not the lightest racing bike on the track most days, but it is stable, strong, and a blast to ride.  It goes where you point it, and provided you do your part, it will get you there in a hurry.
I admit I've crossed over to the Dark Side and have embraced low-slung, sub-20 pound New School bikes for racing.  Still, for making me feel like a kid again, and drawing  a crowd of dads at the track, it's hard to beat a chrome GT.
* * * Update: Feb 2014.  Sold.  I'm sad to let my first real BMX racing bike go, but I'm psyched it was bought to be used as a rider.  Long may it roll. * * *

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Re: 1998 GT Pro Series


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