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1997 GT Fueler

#1 2012-06-20 11:47pm

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1997 GT Fueler

1997 GT Fueler

"Ferris Fueler," aka "Hookie"

My first real BMX restoration project and the perfect way to spend a day off.

* * * Update: 19 May 2013.  My old friend has a found a new home.  So long, Pal. * * *

I lucked into this bike from an ad on CL.  It is all original, except for about 3" of brake cable housing, the bearings of the headset, BB, and hubs, and some hardware on the hubs (locknuts, washers, and the cone on the smaller diameter side of the flip-flop rear hub).  The replacement tires are OEM Powerlites.  Strictly speaking, they should both be 2.125, but I couldn't pass up the mixed NOS pair at $25.  The 1.75 rear tire is the only deviation from original catalog specs.

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