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1995 GT Interceptor

#1 2012-04-10 11:30pm

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1995 GT Interceptor

1995 GT Interceptor

clean chrome..clean rider

chattin about old school bmx at the bar and my buddy tells me he still has a gt interceptor in the garage..i beg for it but truth be told i never heard of an interceptor..its basically a mach one but trimoly..fine with me.good chrome new seat post whitewalls and a 3piece crank to make her pretty and there ya go!..i like it ..aint worth much but i love it



#2 2012-04-11 11:40pm

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Re: 1995 GT Interceptor

Nice. You can't go wrong with a nice chrome GT.:D  I also have an Interceptor.  At first I was bummed when I found out that it was tri-moly.  But after a few rides around SLC, I was convinced. Best $30 I ever spent.;)  The freestyle seat feels a lot better though.

Cool, a new bike.  Wait a minute.......where am I going to hide this one.  She's going to catch me...

Wanted: 90 Holmes f/f decals, Odyssey parts in vapor blue



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