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2002 Haro Shredder

#1 2010-09-10 10:51pm

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2002 Haro Shredder

2002 Haro Shredder

This is the last year that the Shredder was made. And it was the second year for a left hand drive.

I picked this up from my nephew. My favorite color is black. But it's too black for me. Some Idiot removed all of the factory stickers with a razor blade. Other than a chain it's the way I brought it home. I think some old school stickers and neon green is in it's future. Also a right hand drive.

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#2 2011-08-23 9:50pm

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Re: 2002 Haro Shredder

I know it's personal but I think that it looks quite the MAD MAX rig right now..:cool: Haro's do look better with stickers though I must admit.




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