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2001 Fit Aitken S1

#1 2010-04-17 12:30am

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2001 Fit Aitken S1

2001 Fit Aitken S1

sold, like a boss.

Picked this thing up as a replacement for my Mirraco. the MIrra had a good run, but it's showing huge wear. I don't trust it anymore. the paint covered up the ser. number, so I have no clue what it is. you can only see like half of the first digit.
Frame - '06 Series 1
Fork - Odyssey freestyle classics
Bars - Macneil Lights
Barends - Fly
Stem - Macneil Cell
Grips - Fly Rueben's
Headset - FSA the pig
Seatpost Clamp - Haro
Seatpost - Macneil piv
Seat - Macneil capitol
Rear Wheel - Odyssey Hazard cassette, 11t. Sun BFR 48h
Front Wheel - Mirraco sealed hub, Sun Rhyno-lite 36h
Cranks - your guess is as good as mine. any help, people? I was thinking maybe Poverty POW's.
Pedals - Primo Stricker
Sprocket - Kink 33t
Chain - KMC mixed
Brakes - Hombre Fiesta's
Cables - Animal illegal linear
Lever - Odyssey Modulever
Pegs - Odyssey J-pegs, not in pic.
Tyre (front) - KHE Mac2 20x2.1
Tyre (rear)- Animal GLHR 20x1.9
Mods - not much yet, only started this frame a week ago. just a zip tie on the front hub and home made pins in the pedals.
weight: a moderate 24 lbs. not really light, but I can't complain.

Van Homan will save us.



#2 2012-11-20 7:51am

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Re: 2001 Fit Aitken S1


I Love bmxmuseum!



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