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odyssey GT Seatposts and clamps Vans pads

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came across these  today while doing spring cleaing.  All the post n clamps are  brandnd new and 22.2  , 10 bucks per post , 6 bucks per clamp . The brake pads are 7 bucks.   Im not entirly sure of the vintage of these but im assuming mid nintes ? Call dibs and send payment to my paypal account - . Put what part you want in the message field .Free freight in USA . Please PM with any questions .-thanks! -PJ


I will take both GT clamps.  Thank you.

I'll take the GT straight seat post as well.  Thank you.

is the lay back seat post GT or Odyssey?

Both GT clamps and GT Straight post paid for.  Thank you.

Jason , the GT is straight , I have two of em actually.  Quetzal ,done, ill ship em by 9am tomorrow

So you have 1 layback oddy, 1 oddy drain and 1 straight post gt left? And how many Vans pads?

Dibs on whats left if my comment above is correct. 1 GT straight. 1 Oddy Drain 1 Oddy layback 2 sets of vans pads.

Pish posh , got yaa , I do have one more set of those pads in white , u want emm ???

Paid Paul. Thanks.