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Hutch Trickstar

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Hutch Trick Star original white finish and decals with rechromed hard to find peg forks $3,100
No cracks , rewelds etc, in good condition.

This Hutch Trick Star is one of 5 frame sets I have up today for sale.  This for-sale ad will be pulled after I sell 3 of the 5 frame sets. 

I have the following for sale (see my other posts here on the museum).

1. NOS 1983 PK Ripper in color Gold $9,000 USD
2. JMC 1984 AP frame set $5500 USD
3. JMC 1985 DY frame set $3300 USD
4. JMC 1982 long bladed downtube frame set  over $1,750
5. Hutch Trick Star  $3100 USD

The buyer pays the shipping costs as well as any insurance.
This is a private deal for trustworthy and known collectors with positive feedback from Museum members.  This is a NON-DIBS sale, therefore contact me if you are interested.  I reserve the right to refuse sale.
More pictures and video available upon request.
Thank you for looking!
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