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Sealed Peregrine 48s NOS Hubs Chrome Spokes

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Peregrine 48 Wheelset
Super Nice NOS Hubs and NOS Chrome Spokes
Rims are Silver HP 48s that were used.  I Stripped, Polished, and Stickered them for the Super Pro Look
Front rim has slight bend pictured not noticable with tire mounted.  Trued and ready to roll.   This is a very nice wheelset
Asking $300.00 Shipped

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Pro MemberPam Anderson
From: Philadelphia, PA
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These are really nice!

Price Has Dropped! yikes



Originally posted at $375 in Beta section before bump.

I think this is a very nice wheelset for the price.  NOS Hubs and Chrome Spokes.  These are as nice as super pros in my opinion and I have a few of them laying around to compare wink

Sweet wheels and a bargain IMO, GLWS

Super cool


oh my lord

How did you strip the chrome off the rims?

How did you strip the chrome off the rims?

The hoops were never chrome.  Hoops were satin finish Anno was stripped then polished.


These are so tight! Wish I had the $ hmm But GLWYS!cool

looks great the wheelset. but isnt too much money  for a set with a rim that is bend?

Do you know if the bend could be fixed?

I would think someone could fix this with the right tool.  Honestly it isn't really as bad as it looks in the picture.  There is someone interested in them and when I was checking them over again it really is only noticable when looking straight at the hoop on the end.  I do not think it could be spotted with a tire mounted.

Dibs Payment sent ,,,,Thanks Nick they look like nice set of wheels