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NOS Eastern Jane Aftermarket 20.5" frame

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NOS Eastern Jane frame, 20.5" TT. Lots of shelf wear, scratches, nicks, etc.

This is a from the early years of Eastern, right before they started making complete bikes.

See pics for details, ask plenty of questions. Can provide specific photos, just ask. Price is OBO.

The decals in the last photo are not included. That was just the only photo I took of the whole frame from the right side. Those decals went onto the black frame. I can get you an additional set of decals for $40.

Would like to trade for/towards Midschool hubs, rims, or wheelset. Preferably 3/8"/14mm staggered and 36h. Maybe Hazard cassette. Would obviously add cash where necessary.

Please allow 2-4 business days for me to ship.

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