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NOS 1980 Panda Pro-Am Raider 3 Bar Cruiser frame

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26" New Old Stock Panda Pro-Am Raider 3-bar cruiser frame. Original paint,decals and wrapping. 5 1/2 inch headtube. 23 inch top tube. Taiwan built 1980 from High-Tensile steel. Slight storage and corrosion marks. Damage to headtube decal. Nice overall OG conditon.

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Not sure if the mild steel ones were made in USA...?


I'll look into that. I don't wanna be misleading anyone. smile

Yeah GTfan,you're right. Taiwan made. Thanks for the 'heads-up' smile

That’s Sick, why would it be Taiwan made; thought they were rocking in the US and those bubblegum welds. Please lmk

The Panda Pro Am was made out of 4130 Chrome-moly , beautiful welds , and made in Nor Cal. ....same guy that made Boss and Patterson , I think

Awesome Frame- Sent PM... cool

Is this stamped made in Taiwan?  Should be made in NorCal

No it isn't stamped 'Made in Taiwan'. There seems to be varying opinions regarding the country of manufacture. I'm assuming it was made in Taiwan by the 'bubblegum' welds of the late 70's/early 80s. I'd love to have a definitive answer.
Also I've been informed that they were made from High-Tensile steel and not mild steel.

Maybe Taiwan, but consider the timeline and competition: BMX was really just hitting its stride in 1981. Every player was fabricating cruiser frames one at a time (mostly in Cali): mongoose, Cook bros, SE Racing, Patterson, CW, S

Sorry, keeps truncating. Anyway,  S&S, Redline, GT, so many frame fabricators are welding tubes one at a time in Cali.  The major component manufacturers were coming from JAPAN: Sunshine, Araya, Shimano, even DC back then

So to think Randall Kim--a rather "smaller" player in 1981 BMX, had factories / welders in both the Bay Area and Taiwan seems far fetched

Regardless, it don't matter, yo! Check out the lines, the tasty candy paint, and know these rigs ride like dreams...

What’s the TT measures ?

TT is 23 inches.

Boss makes the Proam which is identical to a Boss 26, right down to the welds. Made in California.
Taiwan Proam, is a 3 bar with crappy welds. Yet it does ride nicely, as does the  Boss made one does.
Both are nice,  I have owned them all, I am sure of my comments.
L&S Also made a 26er like the Boss made Proam.

Oh, I forgot, only the Taiwan made  Proam is made of mild steell.Thats why it is only one with toothpaste welds.  The other 3 are chromeoly tubing, and all have amazing weld quality.

No there were 20 inch frames made in Taiwan too.

hi-ten steel with rough welds?
These were made in Taiwan.  Same frame sets were sold as Cobra Cruisers and geared MTBs by TBC in Australia.   
Not all BMX was made by hand in California in 1980 some companies took their manufacturing offshore much earlier than the rest. lol

Btw rad frame Innocenti! cool

Appreciate all the incisive comments. cool