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High End OG Stamped Hartford 1Pce. BB Bearings

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Here we have some Hartford U.S.A. stamped old school one piece crank bottom bracket bearings price is for one pair these are the bearings that came in the Haro Master one piece cranks and the GT Pro freestyle tour one piece cranks all the old-school high-end BMX bikes had these original more durable than your average bottom bracket bearings there are 10 ball bearings on each bearing as to your average bottom bracket bearing has only 9, you don't see these around much and not a lot of people are educated on these, I use these in all my one-piece crank builds, all in similar condition check photos for condition, very durable smooth spinning bottom bracket bearings, please check photos thoroughly ask all questions prior to purchase shipped in the US only all sales are final no returns standard shipping with professional packing

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