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Team Jag frame Rare

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  • Sold2019-10-28 10:49am
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Rare Team Jag Bmx frame for sale. No dents or dings but there is a little pinch by the seat mast. It’s in nice survivor condition. Check out the photos.  I will ship internationally but the buyer pays shipping.

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Bad to the bone and rarely come up for sale. I stopped collecting 20” bikes or this would be mine. GLWS!!!

Love the Team Jags .... old school BMX !!!

Is this still available if so how much to post to Sydney Australia

Love it! I got a 1978 with all of the original parts, i love this bike it is so versatile to accepting otherbrand parts for personal comfort or performance, lonmve the old school moto mags , thanks team jag , bmx would have never been what it is today without you