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1980 Robinson

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I bought this frame to restore and ride before realizing that it probably wasn't going to be good as a rider for me....I'm too tall. So, it's up for sale....It's a 1980 Robinson frame in good shape. It's not perfect, it's 30-years old after all, but is a good example of an early R-Gusset frame. Drop me a pm and I can send photos of everything that I consider to be defects. Included is a sheet of decals that are most likely re-pops. It's all packed up and ready to ship. I'm willing to sell internationally, but it will be more expensive as I've built shipping to the lower 48 into the current price.

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dam I hate bing broke. That frame would have a home now :o
good price

excellent! as good as old school gets

Very fine looking frame mate...that will sell quickly...i hate being broke ...:(


In the process of selling to cyclone.