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Shimano Bottom Bracket BB-UN55

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Brand New Square taper Shimano bottom bracket 68x115 BB-UN55
I bought this as a gamble for a bike that I was swapping cranks on, turned out to be a tad too long for my need. It wasnt installed. Does NOT come with crank bolts.

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Can the spindle b swapped out for say another 19mm or 22mm spindle?

Honestly, I don't know enough about it to say.

What part was too long?  the housing or the spindle?  I'm looking for a 68mm squared taper BB right now but I'm not 100% on spindle length as I need to make sure the crank arms clear the frame...

Man ,I haven’t thought about it in so long I can’t recall. I can take a look at it tomorrow and see what kind of specs come up

No need to bother with it...just thought I'd ask in case you remembered but it's not a big deal.  thanks though.