BMX For Sale / Tires/Tubes/Valve Caps / Panaracer HP406 Skinwall 20x1.75 (black red white & blue)

Panaracer HP406 Skinwall 20x1.75 (black red white & blue)

  • Price$30.00
  • Shipping$15.00
  • International ShippingNo
  • Trades OKNo
  • Quantity10



Brand new Panaracer HP406 Skinwall Freestyle tire. Black, Red, White or Blue Available. (see actual photos for modern label)
$30 each + $15 shipping/PayPal fees (shipping is per set, not per tire)

***2 tires (a set) is $75 shipped***
**ALL Colors in Stock** March 21st, 2021**

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Planet BMX sells them for $29 - … white.html
BMX Guru sells them for $32 - … l-bmx-tire

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Are these tires labeled just like the photo?

Panaracer HP 406 in the center?

Thanks for your time.

Actually "HP406" is in the center (not "Panaracer")
I'll add an actual photo to the ad. My camera sucks tho. :cool:

Those are sick tires. Love em. Glws

I just paid 85.00 for 2 of these. Great deal here.


Do you still have blue and white available?

I currently only have 1 set of white in stock today, but can have any color next week.?

Red, white, blue and black are in stock & available. :cool:

Is it 15 for shipping if I buy 4 tires (2 pairs)?

$15 is shipping for a pair, but I'm sure for 4 wouldn't be much more.
PM me an address and I'll get you a quote. Also what color.?

Do you ship them flat or folded?  Thx!

I need white you sent puerto rico

I twist them up, but if you want to pay the shipping for the bigger box I can ship them flat.

Puerto Rico, send me an address and let me check.

Hello, sending a payment for a white pair. Thanks!

I should have white ones later this week. Go ahead and send, and I'll get them out asap. :cool:

Interested.  Any white in stock?

I think out of white at the moment.
Definitely have plenty of black, and probably a set or two of blue and red.
Warehouses are getting low on everything these days (virus), so if you find some jump on it, they won't be getting any cheaper any time soon.

I’ll take a black pair.

PM sent

pm sent

Any white or blue sets now?

Looking for white also...

Still out of everything except red.
I'll update the ad when others come back in stock. :cool:

do ship malaysia???

When are you expecting something to be back in stock? Nobody has them available right now in black.

Nobody has them, in any color. lol
My bike shop is out of tubes, tires, derailleurs, cassettes, etc... It's a pandemic man, it might be a while. :cool:

Japan has them... it's 33 shipping to get them in two weeks...which might turn into 4 weeks. Group buy?

They only have a small amount of black or blue. No white or red.
The shipping is brutal from Japan, that's why I order 40+ tires at a time. Or it's just not worth it.

I’m down for blue and white when they come up or if a group buy is made.

FYI, i have some black & white coming next week, but the price has gone up to $30 per tire & (still shipped in the lower 48 for $15 per set)

**Currently White or Black ONLY in Stock**
Hit me up if you need them, but pay attention to the price increase.

ALL Colors back in stock, but only 2 white. :cool:

Dibs white set

PayPal info please Thanks

vedgolio, Sorry man I didn't see this until now. I'm all out of white, but you should just hit buy now, or send me a message.

All Colors in stock.

Payment sent for a pair of Panaracer HP406 Skinwall 20x1.75 white

Payment sent for one pair in white.

do you still have the white with tan side wall available?  thanks.

Yes, I have white available.

Do you still have black with tan wall available? Need a set of 2


Yes, i have all 4 colors in stock.