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1982 Tange Mini Frame and Forks

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This sale is for a Tange Mini Frame & Fork.  Forks being stamped 2E (1982) leads me to say the best assumption is that the frame is also 1982.  The forks are obviously Tange ARX mini.  Take note, these have a steer tube made for a mini and will not work on a regular 20".  The frame.....spent a bit of time trying to lock it's identity down fully:

There's no doubt the frame is made by Tange, but who it was made for or private labelled as remains a mystery.  It is a well made frame.  The Built in seat clamp bolt says "Champion MFGI" (or something like that...gotta look at the picture).  Welds are good.  Chrome is good.  Rear drop outs don't appear to be tig welded per se, rather made per some other method which I don't know.

On the forks, there is some hammer marks in the arm pits.  Subtle and reasonably hidden, but real at the same time.  There is the tiniest indention or ding, on one of the TT or DT (gotta look, I'll point it out), up near the headtube.  I went over this frame several times before I noticed it.  Also, looks like someone got a little aggressive removing the headtube decal.....maybe used some steel wool....cover it with a new sticker, and take note...the sunlight pictures make it look worse than it is.

Please note, I've got plenty of materials by which to complete a mini....some very nice gear, so talk to me about adding some stuff in.

Oh, this is "pre serial" per se as it has no serial number and never had one.
Mentioned tiny ding.

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Super cool frameset!


Thanks guys!

WOW !  That is built for speed !!!  Very nice!!! :cool::cool::cool: