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Hutch Mag/Ti Hubs

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Item sold to chalzie (2016-08-06 9:54pm)


Here we have a set of Hutch Magnesium/Titanium 36H flip flop hubs in Original finish with all original decals and hardware.

They are used and have been laced and show evidence of this.

The micro drive side has some damage to the freewheel threads, but a freewheel spins on easily and mounts without issue.

They have not been modified, altered, polished or other.

See pics and ask questions. Plating is still good, but there are signs of pitting as seen in pics.

Really nice ORIGINAL UNMOLESTED survivors!

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Gorgeous hub set!

All OG goodness right there!


Hey what are you trying to pull, those are just Hutch stickered Sunshine hubs!madtongue