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Profile Champ Frame & Fork

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Item sold to Jimmydaboots (2016-05-20 6:29pm)


Sweet 82 Profile Champ frame & fork. No cracks or re-welds. Has small ding on top tube that would be covered with pad. Some chrome flaking around top of seat tube. However, it's hidden with a seat clamp. Other than those little issues this thing is gorgeous. The chrome blings like all Profiles do. Thanks for looking.

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Man this Profile is beautiful!! If the decals are OG they are in great shape.


ALL decals OG? TT length? Where exactly on the TT is the ding?

The head tube and seat tube are OG but not sure if the down tube is. The TT is 19 1/2. The TT ding is in the 6th pic.

Nice! cool