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1984 GJS freestyle rare

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From: Pasadena ca
Signed up: 2015-10-17
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No delivery on this one pick only in Pasadena ca 91107 thanks

nice, which of the 2 is for sale?  what repairs was done to this?  any chance u will reconsider and ship to canada?

I'm in San Diego can you ship it to

I'm pretty sure this was Travis' bike and that the 84 that he is selling is the one in the back (not the 85 up front with the square tubing). If I remember correct, it was a rear dropout that was rewelded and then restored by Travis.

Thanks for the info. smile

KJM can you confirm. wink

Yup this is travis's GJS let me see what I can do its my wife's bday today

Here's a link to more pics before and after restore:

cool cool pic super rare 1984 GJS Thanks Scott

Damn maybe I should buy it back....

All you Travis

Let me know untouched since I got it

How has this not sold?  - it's amazing! If I hadn't just bought an '85 GJS freestyler (and I paid a lot more than $2000), i'd have been all over this! smile
Great price for a super rare bike. Good luck with the sale dude - it's a beauty

No shipping?

Want to keep it  local ? I can take it  to you ?

I'm very interested in it, please get back with me, was wondering how to get it done that works with you, Thanks

Click on thread: smile