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84 Skyway TA XL OG Pads and Reissue Bars

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Lost interest.. 
Sweet looking F/F...but no emotional attachment.
So...looking to recoup my spend.

84 TA XL w forks.  Powdered and stickered BITD.   Serial number 10 84 Skyway USA XXXXX on bottom of BB.   No dents that I could find.   F/F has some shelf ware (minor scratches, decal scratch, etc).   Drop outs are not New....but not chewed up either.
Bars are 2010 Race versions with cross knurl.
OG pads.   Were on a show bike when I bought em.

This would make a nice show bike or a nice bike to ride round the hood with the kids.   If a rock kicks up and chips wont get upset.

If you wanted a TA XL with diff color...this is the one to refinish as you wont feel guilty. 

I am not a skyway guru.  look at pics.  if you have questions...or need me. 

Did I miss anything folks?

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Nice XL!

Hey I'm very interested in your skyway frame and forks ! Would you consider shipping to Australia. Ive been looking for an XL Ta for a long time! I have no problem paying what your asking price plus shipping thanks!!

Thx for the pms and comments.

Nice lil set up to include the very hard to come by Skyway race bars...

The OG race bars are virtually impossible to find...and if you do find em....$$$$

Tried to pm you, but it won't work for me box full or some thing . Not shaw on how the gift thing works as I'm new to the group, I belong to the skyway face book group perhaps some one on there can vouch for me! I'm still interested !! Hanks alex

Sorry. Inbox was full sad

Cleaned up

Pm sent

Nice looking XL, great price too, the XLs are tough to come by and so are those bars, even though they are newer I think only 50 sets were made shortly after the anniversary TAs were sold.
This should go fast cool

Thanks to all who were interested.

This f/f/b and padset is going to Australia.