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Profile Champ Pro F/F with Original Chrome Pads and Tange 320 Headset

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Here we have an OG Profile Champ Pro Frame/Forks/Pads in original chrome. 19.5"TT

It comes with a Tange 320 Headset.

Included for this price are the Original Profile pads in Chrome. They are in very good survivor condition and hard to find as a complete, original set.

Chrome is very shiny and in great condition. I do not see ANY flaking chrome.

The decals appear original, but I do not know.They are scratched and show signs of use.

Dropouts are used but not abused, however it looks like someone tried to sand the serial# a bit. See pics.

The only "Bad" I see on this frame is VERY small, but should be pointed out.

Their appears to be a small repair under the seat stay. It can only be seen when the bike is flipped upside down, and you look VERY closely.

The weld that seen is about 1/2" in total, and very cleanly done. It is so nicely done, that I needed a second opinion as to whether my eyes were playing tricks on me.

This was obviously done by a professional. It is MINOR, but I wanted to point it out.

Please see pics.

This is a very nice Frame set!

Asking $1100 + actual shipping.

PM with any questions please. More pics available upon request.

I have been offered over $500 for the pads alone, so I think this is a very fair price.

Please keep that in mind if you are planning a lowball offer.

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Would love that!! Glws

The pads [giggling like a lil kid] big_smile cool