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1983 Profile Champ kit

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This is a 1983 Profile Champ F/F with original chrome and decals. This kit includes the original Profile bars that are uncut with OG chrome and decals. The kit also includes original Profile white pads. The frame and fork are in great condition with washer marks on drops. The decals do have some scratches and marks, more pics available if needed. The bars are real nice but they do have a small crimp at stem area, but will be covered up with stem. The pads are in nice used shape. All of these parts were bought at the same time in 83 so it needs to stay together. The original owners ABA race numbers are still intact on BB she'll with decals! I didn't remove them cause I think it adds to the coolness of this package.

I would prefer money order for this but if you want to pay for PP fee's, I will agree to PayPal payment.
The price is $1700.00 shipped to the continental US. Anything outside of that, I will charge actual shipping cost once I find out what it is.

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Da mm


Buyer of the kit will also get first dibs on this insane wheel set. Profile Gyrolite hubs laced to Ambrosio hoops. These are the OG wheels that came with the above bike.

Nice bars smile

Those look like extra tall bars, very cool set

DAMN , KEV................NICE

Wow, OG chrome/decals everywhere! AND bars & pad set! Yea keep those BB stickers on. I have an OG Profile too. Maybe we can make a deal with my Thruster Tri-Power bundle cool


If you'd possibly consider (long shot) parting with the wheels and bars as a package please drop me a PM.


19.5" TT

Really solid bundle of goodness right there. cool GLWS!