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Here is a restickered 1983 Mongoose that was one of John Tomac's bikes when he road for Zeronine.  I got it from the back of an old shop in SC and the owner said he was owed some money so he was given the bike a very long time ago.  It sat outside for many years so I took it apart as the weather wasn't kind to it.  This is a cool bike with an interesting story.  I have attempted to verify the story but have been met with no response.  I googled Tomac and he rode for Mongoose from 1985-1989 and won in Raleigh in 1983, NC which puts him out East at the right time for this frame and story.

The store owner also told me that prior to Zeronine having their own bikes they restickered bikes for their factory riders.  If you look at pics of that era you do see some looptails in there which are a far cry dropout wise from the Zeronines.

Anyway, not sure what it's worth so throwing it up to find out.  No, the price is not $1.00.  I had to put something.  Make me a good offer and the frame and story are yours. 

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This isn't eBay.

I appreciate your thoughts Tim.  I agree.  I didn't know what to value the frame given the info I have at this point.  I know what I'd ask for the frame if it was just a traditional Mongoose, but it sure isn't just that.  Any insight would be helpful.

$100 shipped to Aus

Price needs to be corrected ,,,$1.00 is BS contact a staff member to get this rectified ,,,you are misleading members ...............hmm