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1983 Wedge Mr. Stix

1983 Wedge Mr. Stix

WHAT MORE CAN I SAY????? I love this thing.crazy tubes all over are my weekness

wanted one of these bad!!!! did a little csi work and found a member with one. had way too many vodka/cranberries and put my mouth over my wallet and paid a months vacation for this frame and fork.oooooh well. i have done worse. i had to find some sweet high end parts to build this to my liking. i just started and threw this together with some parts i had laying around,until i get a few of the super uber parts i want.the NOS snakebellies fat and skinny, the nos vector vc bars,profile 3rg gens are on the bike to stay.....i am looking for some sherriff star campys.esp or profile lockjaw stem.possibly either profile pedals,vector,bullseye, or maybe even some hutch pedals,not sure yet. i love it the way it sits, but i really want to bust a nut on this bad boy.....look out. serial number 0008.

  • Race
  • Company: Wedge
  • Model: Mr. Stix
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 1983 mr stix wedge frame and fork bullseye hubs, araya 7l rims NOS fat and skinny cycle pro snake bellies profile 3rd gen cranks nos vector vc-8 bars pro neck stem grab on mx 3 grips dc mx 1000s front and rear nos shimano dx pedals elina seat race inc post