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1983 Wedge Mr. Stix

1983 Wedge Mr. Stix

Serial #10 out of some where around 50 ever made!

I first fell in love with this bike when Rob V first had it at least 5 years ago. Little did I know that this was a NJ made bike and that is what got my engine running!! I tried to keep tabs on it but Rob ended up selling it and I moved on and bought other F&F's that I liked. I believe I am the 4th owner of this F&F.
Rob V to Julio to Juan to me. Once I received it from Juan, the search was on!!! I have read and heard that they only made something like 50 of these in late 82/early83 and this is serial #10! Like every other bike in my collection, I only sourced NOS to MINT USED parts, leaving the restored and over blinged stuff for the kiddies!


NOS MX3 Headset

NOS BS Dirt Skirt

NOS Oakley B2 with red Oakley crud plugs

MINT 1st generation (VDC made) Power Lite Power bend bars

(check how square they are...I love them!)

NOS Haro Series One Plate with all OG decals

NOS Cali Lite padset

NOS MX-1000 with 83 dated cable and tech 3

NOS Skyway Pro Pads with cooling fins

NOS Race Inc Seat post (decal has a smudge but i like to show that it is REAL, not some re-decaled wanna-be post)

NOS Kashimax MX seat

MINT Suntour seat post clamp

NOS chrome Araya 7x hoops

MINT Son Lite Turbo II hubs in original anodized black finish

NOS Comp II front tire (2.125)

NOS Cycle Pro Snake Belly rear (1.75)

MINT 3rd generation Profile cranks with 130bcd Profile Spider

NOS Pro Neck 44 tooth sprocket

  • Race
  • Company: Wedge
  • Model: Mr. Stix
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Serial #10