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The mr stix wedge was designed by Bill Scruggs (a nephew to Earl Scruggs of fFat and Scruggs music fame ) who was at the time a safety director and engineer at dart industies in New Jersey. The bicycle was built for a mid teen to adult size rider and was based on the geometry of a Torker bmx bike. The torker had popular ride and geometry, however, would often develop cracks around the seat stay and headset with larger riders that could produce more pedal torque that was absorbed in the side to side motion in the bottom bracket. The original mach ups were fit to riders via card board cut out patterns before the first prototype was welded together and tested, several changes were made to the prototype and hence the wedge went into production. The lower double tube tightened the open area of the triangle causing a reduction in side to side sway during pedaling transferring power into forward motion. The third top bar was to add rigidity when pulling the handle- bars back towards the rider that is induced during heavy sprints and the rider is basically riding on the back wheel. The third bar was also added for a specific trick that David Scruggs would perform going into corner berms high and diving down low , as he would go high he would slam his butt on the very rear end of seat lightening the front wheel and whipping it around or underneath other riders (David also played la crosse for north hunterdon highschool by flemington new jersey. I believe there was almost one hundred made or just short of that since I can recall the serial numbers one through ten being held back as well as number sixty-nine. Freestyle was becoming popular at the time and many riders used them for this for the rigidity and the extra surface area due to the triple tubing to stand on. Number eighteen is in my garage and still gets a ride once in awhile. The name Mr Stix comes from a nick name given to David when he was younger since into his teens he had stick legs. The difficulties at the time were welding limitations with the equipment of that era to complete the filets in between the tight areas to where the triple tubes join at the headset. The shop was located in milford new jersey in the yellow building at the old historic grist mill right at foot of bridge that crosses to upper black eddy pennsylvania. As far as I know there has never been another tenant in that complex since that time due to the historical presence of the mill and the absorbent cost of bringing the complex to todays codes, and yes, the faded old white bike shop sign is still there. To the best of my knowledge Bill Scruggs now lives in Florida