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2006 Volume Flatline

2006 Volume Flatline

I really regret selling this one.

it probably wasn't worth the 300 I paid for it, but I saw it on Craigslsit and thought it had potential.


frame: 06 Volume Flatline (kris bennet sig)

bars: Odyssey milk

stem: Redline proline

grips: Primo logo

headset: FSA the Pig

fork: Odyssey dirt

brake lever: SNAFU c-clamp

brakes: Diatech hombre, green cable

wheel: (rear) Mirraco freewheel 13t

tire: (rear) Haro MS3

wheel: (front) redline device (an older one)

tire: (front) redline freaky V (I often switch for a knobby)

chain: red KMC z410

crank: Primo powerbitew/ 33t Mirraco chainwheel

pedals: Animal Hamilton

seat: Odyssey 99er