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Bike Submission Guidelines

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ideal submission


  • We use serials to check if a bike is listed correctly and for reference; they are NEVER shown on the site.
  • If you disagree, or for some reason don't have the serial number, you can simply type NONE in serial number field.
  • If your bike is ever stolen, you'll have a record of the serial on the site.
  • If you don't know what/when your bike is, use the "NAME IT" forum.
  • The Bikes area is NOT a for sale section. Any bikes listed here as for sale/trade/etc will be deleted without warning.


  • Please keep titles in the Date/Make/Model format. Any extra wording such as "NOS" "BMX" "it's my Bike" "PlzEaz CommENt" "IT'S blue" etc is not needed & should NOT be included.
  • Any bikes that are for sale are to be listed in the For Sale Section, NOT in the " Bikes" Section. Museum Bikes found with Titles/Descriptions/Posts containing "For Sale" will likely be deleted. On the same note, please do not include "Sold" "Traded" etc. in the titles. However, it is okay to include that in your description.
  • If a title is edited by a mod, do not re-edit.


  • The first picture needs to be of the drive/sprocket-side of the whole Bike! PLEASE!!!
  • Any picture submitted must be of use to another member, no blurry or grainy pictures are accepted.
  • Low quality cellphone pics are not tolerated. Outside lighting is ideal.
  • To help keep visual searching through the Museum easy for others, please make sure that your first pic includes a full frame shot. Pics must have at least 1 full frame shot (headtube to dropouts must be clearly seen).


  • If you don't know all the specs of your bike, leave those spaces blank. If you do not know a material, select "other".

Material Descriptions:

  • 4130 Chromoly - Means your frame is 100% full chromoly tubing
  • Other Chromo - Means your frame is built with some chromoly tubing but is not 100%
  • Aluminum - Pretty self explanatory
  • Carbon Fiber - Pretty self explanatory
  • Other - This includes any other material or alloys that don't necessarily fall into the above categories

If none of these fit your bikes specific description or you care to expand, please put that information in the "details" box.